Important steps in the life of a cat

Just like having a child, it can be incredibly filling bringing a kitten into your family and watching it grow. It only takes a year for your cute little kitten to mature in a cat. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s going to happen fast. Being prepared is the goal here. So what are the main steps for a young cat?

The first moments

The kittens are born blind and they are completely dependent on their mother. The first steps will involve learning to eat, and then more and more. The kitten’s eyes open and they will want to explore. At the age of four weeks, he is fooling around with his siblings. At this point it can begin to learn how to use litter and should begin to become a social animal. In nature, the kitten’s mother will begin to supplement her diet with dead mice and other pretty little ones. But, you can give him some sweet kitten food or some dry food which is a little softened with water.

Six weeks

He is now six weeks old and is more than willing to explore the house. If he’s inside, he’s going to move from room to room. A feral kitten will follow her mother when she goes out with the other cats. These cats will always receive mice from their mother, but they are not dead anymore. Instead, the kitten must learn to hunt the animal. Those who are eight weeks old will be completely weaned from their mother and are ready to go to a new home. At this age, you should know how to stop a cat from spraying.

The coming months

Through the next few months, cats will grow very quickly. You will need to get them to be vaccinated at this time so that they are healthy and strong. They will begin to learn what they have to do to live with their families and learn the behaviors that are correct. You can teach your kitten his name as well as a few simple commands now. If the cat has long hair, make sure you get the opportunity to allow you to groom it, although the cat’s coat does not need to be just yet brushed.

Sometimes cats will suddenly develop a bad attitude. Believe it or not that this is a period of adolescence for them. This happens when the cat is going to be a kitten by being a mature cat. Sounds just like kids, right? This will happen around the fifth to six months and can last until the cat reaches the age of one year. They will still be playful, but can be carried away to play too aggressively. If your cat is not neutered at the age of six months, it will be mature enough to reproduce today. The castration of the cat will help this stage of its development go more smoothly. At six months, the cat looks at how it will look like an adult, even though it may still become bigger.


Just like humans, adult cats will continue to go through stages. But these steps can be handled fairly easily. And, contrary to what the mid-life crisis of life you might have, the cat is not likely to go out to buy a sports car at this age!

If you take care of your kitten’s health as he grows up in an adult cat, you will have a fulfilling relationship that will bring both you and the cat great satisfaction.

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